Tuesday, 30 August 2011

♔ Sophiya's birthday ♔

Yaayy it was Sophie's birthday and we had a blast watching Hangover hahaah. Darn that Bradley Cooper is oh so finee. It was a small and cosy family party at home and most of the elders gave her some money... it talks.

Also, she got awesome grades for her GCSEs, so I thought my gift for her should be something that talks too so I got her this. A YSlipstick. Rouge Volupte. No. 13:Peach Passion. I hope you're happy with it Sophie! And if your aren't then, well then I'm not a good enough sister.
 And of course, I took the pics with her permission after she opened it.
Surprisingly, the lady at the counter gave us these free samples of fragrances, which we took as a sign of God wishing her a good birthday too xD
They all smell gooood but my favourite one's Saharienne. It just blends in with sweetness whereas the other ones seem quite sharp.

Bought this cute Jack Wills bag! The colour may be difficult to co-ordinate with most clothes but that element itself is what I find so striking about it. It's super easy to carry around and has the ability to hold 3 fat hardcover books and a laptop, and still have room for more things, which I think is pretty impressive.

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