Saturday, 5 May 2012

All the lovely things

A new Ladurée branch has opened at Bank now and they were featuring really cute Hello Kitty boxes. 

Got a year older, so tried wiping away that sad feeling by adding just a candle on the cake. Felt better. Then cous brought along a cheesecake and some Gu, which literally translates to poo in Nepalese. Tasted good though. Who would've thought? 

Received lots of cards; Tis been long since I had a reading session. Beautiful gifts from beautiful friends; an awesome manga tee and Naruto monkey bag from Dipa (she knows this otaku here), a coool goody bag of gold cross crop top, shower gels and more from Arti and a loovely summery peachy pink dress from Sammy.

The other half, with Niki's help :D gave a surprise as well. T'was really big shock; my hands hurt from picking my jaw up all the time.

I feel blessed with such wonderful gestures from my friends and family and I'm sure everyone does, especially on their birthdays. So when it's their turn, I hope I can give as much as I can.