Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Nature Calling

No internet, therefore more boredom, so we hit off for Hyde Park.

This one's my favourite, taken by DB
Lookie Doggie..ss.. there's 2 lol
Lookie DB
Saw a fish


Another dog...ee
It's only after times like this, that you start thinking about Rabies...
Going home, bye bye T_T
 That's all folks!

Moving & more

So I havn't been able to post as much as I used to in the past few weeks. This is cus I recently moved into a new flat! Well... not recently, a couple of weeks ago, and we don't have any internet at the mo. And I'm too cheap to get the BTOpenzone thing that my lil brother had to come all the way here to buy it for me. I miss the university halls T_T Unlimited internet and Wifi everywhere... They treat you like royalty for a year and then next?... nothing, they just slam their doors at your face. I joke, joke.  Yeah...I guess it's better this way, since it is a great opportunity for us to learn to be more independent and adult-like I presume. But it really gets on your nerves having to pay so much for so many different things; electrity, water bills, phone bills, damn... well we don't have to pay water though as it's included, but still, makes you appreciate your parents so much more for all they did in all those years when we were kids. Thank you soso much T_T Anyway! This is a pic of the building, and me and my flatmate, Samikchha, live somewhere around there in that row where the arrow's pointed.

Yeah...you can laugh if you want to. I mean, we are carrying the weight of the entire building on our heads O_O
The neighbourhood
And oh my, Porscha baby over the fence!
I had nothing to do with no internet and all, so DB let me borrow his camera and I went photo capturing. Here are some of the pics I took at Bank.

And at Tower Place

 And that's about it...Oh yeah, bought my first ever perfume set! I'm always using deo sprays, and the only perfumes I've ever bought were for my parents and my brother, (they are so clever -_- ) so it was a pretty big day for me heheeh, and a very tough desicion to make too O_O
And yes I went for Nina Ricci! It was between that or Lacoste's Touch of Pink. They both smelled so nice, but Touch of Pink smelled better! (>_<) And I know! I went for NR because of that cute little small replica!!! Just could'nt resist it!! The box set came with a 50ml eau de toilette, 50ml body lotion and 4ml minature!!! Yatta!!!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

3rd beat: Made in Britain

Agyness Deyn is no unknown beauty, with that beady blue eyes and short hair of hers, which suit her face ever so perfectly.

She usually sports an indie + retro style, which was labelled as pretty queer and eccentric in the early 2000's but guess what?? Very similar styles are hitting the high streets right now, and I personally believe we've got her to thank for, with numerous appearances on Vogue and many more.

And boy oh boy, she looks good in anything. I really love it when girls work out dudes' outfits, and Aggy just does that in a real awsome manner. I mean she can look so darn cool and at the same time so amazingly beautiful. Like this pic here for eg.
Here's another pic of her wearing a Betsy Johnson (spring '08) dress. Now, I don't think anybody can pull such a pretty look with such short hair and a punk feel, but yep, she nailed it. 

It's good to see a unique style amidst the usual valley girl kinda models. Rooting for Brit punk, Deyn surely is an English gem.