Saturday, 16 October 2010

3rd beat: Made in Britain

Agyness Deyn is no unknown beauty, with that beady blue eyes and short hair of hers, which suit her face ever so perfectly.

She usually sports an indie + retro style, which was labelled as pretty queer and eccentric in the early 2000's but guess what?? Very similar styles are hitting the high streets right now, and I personally believe we've got her to thank for, with numerous appearances on Vogue and many more.

And boy oh boy, she looks good in anything. I really love it when girls work out dudes' outfits, and Aggy just does that in a real awsome manner. I mean she can look so darn cool and at the same time so amazingly beautiful. Like this pic here for eg.
Here's another pic of her wearing a Betsy Johnson (spring '08) dress. Now, I don't think anybody can pull such a pretty look with such short hair and a punk feel, but yep, she nailed it. 

It's good to see a unique style amidst the usual valley girl kinda models. Rooting for Brit punk, Deyn surely is an English gem.

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