Tuesday, 21 December 2010

5th beat: The Casiraghis

The Casiraghi siblings are one of the hottest royals in the world. I think I was looking at one of those msn articles, you know the ones that come after you log out of hotmail ... Anyway, I saw this Forbes article, ranking the planet's most good looking blue bloods, and then I saw a picture of Charlotte Casiraghi, then Andrea and Pierre ... and dayamm. I mean there are more good looking princes and prinesses like Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (By the way, William and Kate Middleton = fit couple!! Beautiful engagement ring!), but the Casiraghi brothers and their sister, in my opinion, are a very fine example of 21st century royalty. They're more outgoing, totally modern, very stylish, and have quite busy social lives, meaning that they get regularly invited to a lot of fashion shows and parties for Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna and God knows how many more. Not the average prince and princesses you hear about who seem to have limited freedom. These guys seem real carefree compared to other young royals. Not only are they rich, young and good looking but they are, first and foremost, of royalty, that too hailing from Monaco! Where they say buildings are gold plated and around 84% of the population is super wealthy O_O
First is the eldest, Andrea Casiraghi, (who looks a bit like Paolo Nutini and the scarecrow guy from Batman Begins) grandson of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco and the most elegant American actress, Grace Kelly. When I first saw his pic, I thought he looked like those princely characters you see in dramas, like a player who falls in love with a kind and pretty middle-class girl lol. I watch too much romcoms (but then again that's William and Kate's story). BUT, he does have a Brazilian socialite for a girlfriend. Moreover, he is currently second in line to the throne, that is, taking into account if his uncle, Prince Albert II of Monaco, doesn't have any children.
Second, we have Charlotte Casiraghi. When she was just six, she got a £ 7/8 million island as a gift from her grandparents... yep... And she was selected in Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List. She's currently dating Alex Dellal, a British multi millionaire.
She's so pretty. Just like a fairy-tale princess ought to be.
I love her shoes :)
And finally, we have Pierre Casiraghi, the youngest of the three; the player, the badass.
God knows how many girls he's dated, most of them being supermodels of course, but he's said to have the longest relationship at the mo with his current girlfriend.
I don't know if the pic above is of Pierre's or Andrea's, but it looks more like Pierre to me.  I'm liking the look, kinda Bohemian. Funny how their sister's brunette and both the brothers are blonde, taking after their grandmother. You know how they say daughters go after fathers and sons after moms. Anyway...

Now are some pics of the three together, well two, in the first case.
And their grandmom, Princess Grace Kelly. Oh so pretty. Your offsprings are beautiful, just like you!
But seriously, can you believe that if Grace Kelly hadn't married the Casiraghis' granddad, then he would probably have had to hand Monaco over to France...Interesting stuff, isn't it?

Source: Wikipedia!

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