Saturday, 4 December 2010

Oh yeah, that guy from Zombieland!

Well, it's snowing and the view outside my window is pretty Christmasy*~
Nothing much is going on except for lectures and tests and lab practicals. I wanted to take some pictures of mitochondria we used for an experiment but was too scared to ask  for permission from the Doc.
And we still don't have any internet so sometimes we do have to go to McDonalds' for something besides food...
DB cooked us a very fine meal of chicken chilli and some spicy fried rice. Incredibly yummy. Girls, be sure your man can cook, if he can't, then well, he's  just a lazy ass. To be honest, I kinda begged DB to cook and was very surprised with his hidden talent. And a man who can cook is sexayy.
I think it was around 2 weeks ago or something, that we went to Brick Lane. Got a baseball jacket for £18 from Rokit. It was very beautiful, but too big a size for DB. Unfortunately we had to return it, so we traded it for a flannel shirt. But I took some pics of the jacket, pure American beauty.
We headed off for Trocadiro and ended up in Leicester Sq.

Just watched The Social Network and it is a-mazing...5* Makes me wanna re-activate my facebook account, and also wish I were a Harvard student. When I get kids, I'm gonna make them study there. I don't care if they won't be geniuses enough to get in there but I will get them in there, earn a loadda money and save everything. Anyway... its a darn good movie, so everybody needs to watch it, in my opinion anyway.
Jesse Eisenberg from Zombieland
It's got the new Spiderman dude in it, and my flat mate's already taken a fancy to him and he's British, so all the more reason to watch it. And oh my God, once the movie ends, you just can't stop talking about the twins. They're actually played by the same guy; Armie Hammer, with Josh Pence providing the body for the double role, but they got Armie's face replacing his, and a nice face he has, very nice, like a prince charming from a fairytale. And it's got Brenda Song! You know , London, from Zach and Cody. She funny.
Also, I didn't post anything on Skyline last time. Well, before we watched Harry Potter the 7th , part 1, we watched Skyline at the O2. It was wierd and wonderful. I mean everybody hated it and by everybody I mean my brother , Sophie, my roomy Sam and her cousin. So that leaves only me liking it. The intro of the movie was pretty interesting. They showed this hot couple, with the guy's biceps and all. Most of us were confused cus we couldn't see their faces and it was hard to see whether or not he was good looking, but I later we could see that he is hahahhaa. And it was great to see Turk in it, from Scrubs, but he was serious the whole time, so that was a change. 
And I thought the ending melodrama bit was actually kinda cute :)

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