Thursday, 30 September 2010

**A Girl's views on a Guy's shopping spree**

Yesterday was the first time me and DB went shopping together for his clothes. We usually shop together for groceries, games and computer parts (-_-) and the only outfit shopping we've done has always been for me, so yesterday was a very special day indeed :D I thought of picking clothes for him but ended up being really surprised because all the items he picked were the ones I liked!!! Ahh great minds think so alike heheeh. Anyway, first we headed to Topman for a coat. He tried on a few (it is true that handsome men look good in anything!) and finally picked a navy blue duffle one. I want one of those too!

Then to New Look for a pair of suede shoes. A girl started dancing all of a sudden when they played Lovefool by The Cardigans, and he joined her...yeah... not a good move
Jeans form Uniqlo
 and a crossover bag (comparing my little one to his)
Then we got hungry and stopped at Leicester Square for some fajitas  at Chiquito. They serve really awesome ones, and in real big proportions too O_O I couldn't take any pictures cus it was too dark inside for my camera to work. No flash -_-
Then off to Soho to drink some cuppa tea at my favourite tea shop, Yumchaa, yaay ^_^ On our way there, the annual Moon festival decoration was already set up in Chinatown.
At Yumchaa:
DB got himself a Chai Red and I got me a Regents Park.mmmmm...
It started raining pretty heavily after a while, so we called it a day. And an awsome one at that!! Unlike me, who would browse around until I find something nice (or on sale), DB already had a list made in his head. So the shopping was pretty easy. But I myself have never went on a shopping spree like that! And although he insists it was his first time spending that much on clothes, I still don't believe him -_- cus he shopped like a pro. But to be honest, I enjoyed shopping for him more than I ever did for myself. So weird...

Random Post

 I saw this really cute purse at TK Maxx. Pink never looked so good!

Recent Buys
Faux fur hat & Ring Topshop

Pic of the day: Maggie dear

Sunday, 19 September 2010

2nd beat: The B-boy

The first time I ever saw Daniel Campos aka Cloud was during the airing of the Live Earth concert 7/07/2007 at Wembley, and damn... I searched everywhere on the internet for "Madonna's hot asian looking dancer", yes literally googled that. But boy oh boy, all her dancers are darn hot!! You can see Madonna with the dancers in her latest music videos, most noticably on her Confessions Tour. The pictures below are some scenes with Cloud from Hung Up. Thank you  so much Madonna for hiring him!!!
Image from:
Cloud was a member of Al Fuentes High Voltage Extreme Acrobatic Dance Team *gasps for air* as well as a dancer of the Skills Methodz troupe. Check out his mad skills here! Since then, Cloud's appeared on the Iphone advert; you know the one which played automatically on the Youtube homepage where he does the moonwalk, and also on a GAP ad. Last Christmas I saw his posters all over the store at Oxford Circus. And he's also in Shakira's mv, Did it Again!!

His performance at the 82nd Oscars was magnifique. So beautiful T_T He's currently a member of the LXD dance troupe and has recently made an appearance on Step Up 3! Now, I've never watched Step Up 1 or 2, but because of him I'm eager to watch 'em all :D I know right, extreme fan girlism. And omygod Sohpie actually chatted to him on facebook, true story people, even tho it was just a hello; so jealousssss
Okay, about Cloud's clothes; well he's mostly not wearing much on the pictures I found of him, which is a good thing for most of us :D But I must say, he's very stylish for a B-boy. Opting for comfortable jeans and utility style trousers does give a fresher image next to the usual track suits. Cloud keeps it casually cool and simple, not too over the top baggy tees and extreme hops from the hips. He proves that simplicity works out best if you know how to wear them right. But then again... handsome men do look good in anything :) 

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fans May Cry?...

Omygod, omygod, omygod! The new Devil May Cry trailer's out!!!! It was shocking though, the change they made in Dante in HUGE! Whatever happened to his silver-white hair??? I mean there is a streak of white but my first impression on it was a big nono. They turned him from a badass tank hitdevil into a skinny pretty boy with a mainstream hairdo?? Although, he still has that badass attitude, or maybe more badasser....hmm the way he holds the cigarette.... anyway many fans may not like this all of a sudden shocking big change on the main character, but then I watched the trailer again and again and I'm slowly getting to like it, cus if you look at it without focusing too much on the tight trousers, the game looks pretty sick. The graphics and Dante's new moves look awsome, but man.... his sword, more like that Renji guy's from Bleach. This is what happens if you change gaming companies -_- or put some hair on the protagonist in Infamous 2. But ahh still, what the heck , I'm gonna buy the dam game, for the love of Dante! At least he looks like a bishie. I'll just pretend he's the younger version.

Here's how he looks now:

And how he used to look (the game has 4 parts until now) :
Devil May Cry

DMC *3
*reminded me of Detroit Metal City, hahaah that anime is funny. ramdom-ness ftw.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Designer WishList

That pair of Hareem trousers, the plum dress and of course, the classic Photobucket bag.
Man, I need to start scratching some lotto cards...

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Makro Surprise

Oh yeah!! I forgot to add this. Although my brother wasn't shocked, I bloody well was! So I thought why not post this one up. They also had an ostrich one and my mum kept saying it's good for health o_O


A Glitzy Day!

So Teej's coming, and my mum took us out for some sari and jewellery shopping at Southall. And me and my aunt declared ourselves partially blind for the rest of the day. We were just walking and then we entered this sari shop and you feel like " Omegod me eyes!!! (>_<) " So many colours and sequins everywhere! And then you get used to it for a while as you go browsing from one shop to another, and everytime you come out to normal sunlight you feel all dizzy until your retina in the eye gets adjusted to the lightning... yeah... Anyway, here are some pics I took. I don't have flash in my phone :(

Oh yeah this one's a cool one. Made entirely of gold. I imagined myself wearing this lol. I would have made a fat Cleopatra...

✿✿ UPDATED!!! ✿✿

Pics from the Teej party:
Beauty Queens: Krisi and Sophie
with Sophie

Thursday, 2 September 2010

1st beat: Indie Heartthrob


OK, so I watched Inception for the second time and dayamn! You have to admit Joseph Gordon-Levitt keeps getting hotter and hotter the more you look at him.

Now, when I was watching 500 Days of Summer, I was so shocked cause this guy looked so similar to Heath Ledger, RIP. Then I wikipediad him to find out that he's the lil kid who liked Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You!!! Oh the joy!!! After this fine discovery, God knows how many people I repeatedly shared the info to, cause they got pretty pissed off after hearing about it again and again, except for the girls, of course :) as he is such a fine specimen.

Anyway, this dude's taste in fashion is amazing. Looks effortless, yet very cool. He already had the gurnge look on during his teens, and he cleverly adopted  an indie image. Plus, with that added retro touch, for vintage freaks, its like oreos in ice-cream.

    To steal his look, just think skinny trousers and slim fit shirts, smart shoes, including brougues and boats. And ohmygosh! He shops at H&M, Topman and Uniqlo, all three of my favourites Photobucket