Thursday, 2 September 2010

1st beat: Indie Heartthrob


OK, so I watched Inception for the second time and dayamn! You have to admit Joseph Gordon-Levitt keeps getting hotter and hotter the more you look at him.

Now, when I was watching 500 Days of Summer, I was so shocked cause this guy looked so similar to Heath Ledger, RIP. Then I wikipediad him to find out that he's the lil kid who liked Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You!!! Oh the joy!!! After this fine discovery, God knows how many people I repeatedly shared the info to, cause they got pretty pissed off after hearing about it again and again, except for the girls, of course :) as he is such a fine specimen.

Anyway, this dude's taste in fashion is amazing. Looks effortless, yet very cool. He already had the gurnge look on during his teens, and he cleverly adopted  an indie image. Plus, with that added retro touch, for vintage freaks, its like oreos in ice-cream.

    To steal his look, just think skinny trousers and slim fit shirts, smart shoes, including brougues and boats. And ohmygosh! He shops at H&M, Topman and Uniqlo, all three of my favourites Photobucket



Anonymous said...

gimme gimme :P
moon xx

Snoopy said...

OMG HE'S SUCH A HOTTIE !!!!! *____*

lhantse said...

He s hot, cute, sexy, adorable. everything at the same time. I Enjoy your blog so i will be following you. I will also appreciate your feedback.