Wednesday, 16 March 2011

More Absolute Boyfriend! XD

Jiro Wang will be replacing Wu Chun for the role of Night
Oh mah Gawd! *-* Image source: soompi
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I only just found out that they are making another live action of Absolute Boyfriend! aka Zettai Kareshi. And this time, it's Koo Hye Sun playing as Izawa Riiko and Wu Chun as Tenjo Night!
It's amazing enough that asian entertainment's mixing talents from different countries, and I surely have to admit that this duo is hot! There were rumours going on that the production of the drama was halted but actress Hye Sun recently posted two pics from their shoot.
They say the drama's gonna be aired at around May/June (why? T_T why during exams?) But still, can't wait for it ^^ I'm a massive fan of the manga, and my first reaction to Wu Chun  portraying Night was like O.O ooooooooh dayam good one casting team! But I think it will be well more interesting to see Koo Hye Sun as Riiko.
I don't know who'll be playing Soushi and Namikiri though. Them two are major characters as well.
 Manga plot for the curious ones
Riiko is a high school girl who longs to have a boyfriend but always fails at it. So she comes accross this salesman guy named Namikiri who says she can create and buy her perfect lover from the company he works for, called Kronos Heaven. She takes it as a joke and orders one online and then the next day tan taran~ a package with a super hot guy inside arrives :D Now ain't that an amazing start. hahaah.
By the way, Night's a (Spoiler Alert!)
You just gotta love Yuu Watase sensei! She's one of my favourite mangakas ^^ My other fav reads of her are the Fushigi Yūgi series (ahhh...i remember watching that anime back in Nepal on axn. Had some pretty ero scenes tho lol, still watched it ^^") and Ayashi no Ceres. I just love how she draws her bishies heheeheh, and how her stories always come in a reverse harem ;)
 (* -,*) Oh Night-o~
The plot of  the Japanese live action was really different except for the fact that Night's a robo. But it was still good fun to watch. Riiko was changed into an OL and Soushi was her boss? O_O And I may have cried at the end, but even more so at the end of the manga T__T
Hayami Mokomichi as Night, Aibu Saki as Riiko and Hiro Mizushima as Soushi
Well, I've done my part in telling you how much I like the manga and how much I recommend it to you. As for now, I'm gonna just wait for the airing of the new drama :D So excited (>.<)!!!

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