Tuesday, 15 March 2011

to combine Hope with Action...

Some very unfortunate events have taken place in the past week, including the tsunami in Japan and the crisis at Libya. Moreover, many might've taken place which we have failed to notice. Whether a disaster is caused by natural means or by man fighting one another, we, the average people, combined together can help the victims of such grave devastations. It's during moments like this, that we realise how really important life is yet how easily it can be taken away in a matter of seconds. We can only pray for the lost souls, and give our support to their loved ones. For we cannot change the past, but simply learn from them. Our actions today result in our future. So let's all do our parts to make a better future for everyone.

A tiny miracle: 4-month-old baby girl found after 3 days since the tsunami struck.
 I donated via redcross. Help in whatever way you can guys

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