Sunday, 19 September 2010

2nd beat: The B-boy

The first time I ever saw Daniel Campos aka Cloud was during the airing of the Live Earth concert 7/07/2007 at Wembley, and damn... I searched everywhere on the internet for "Madonna's hot asian looking dancer", yes literally googled that. But boy oh boy, all her dancers are darn hot!! You can see Madonna with the dancers in her latest music videos, most noticably on her Confessions Tour. The pictures below are some scenes with Cloud from Hung Up. Thank you  so much Madonna for hiring him!!!
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Cloud was a member of Al Fuentes High Voltage Extreme Acrobatic Dance Team *gasps for air* as well as a dancer of the Skills Methodz troupe. Check out his mad skills here! Since then, Cloud's appeared on the Iphone advert; you know the one which played automatically on the Youtube homepage where he does the moonwalk, and also on a GAP ad. Last Christmas I saw his posters all over the store at Oxford Circus. And he's also in Shakira's mv, Did it Again!!

His performance at the 82nd Oscars was magnifique. So beautiful T_T He's currently a member of the LXD dance troupe and has recently made an appearance on Step Up 3! Now, I've never watched Step Up 1 or 2, but because of him I'm eager to watch 'em all :D I know right, extreme fan girlism. And omygod Sohpie actually chatted to him on facebook, true story people, even tho it was just a hello; so jealousssss
Okay, about Cloud's clothes; well he's mostly not wearing much on the pictures I found of him, which is a good thing for most of us :D But I must say, he's very stylish for a B-boy. Opting for comfortable jeans and utility style trousers does give a fresher image next to the usual track suits. Cloud keeps it casually cool and simple, not too over the top baggy tees and extreme hops from the hips. He proves that simplicity works out best if you know how to wear them right. But then again... handsome men do look good in anything :) 

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