Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Batgirl Maggie ッ

Watch Maggie aka Soniya's batclip! She loves Batman & Ben10. 
Pardon us for the awkward laughing.
Also, got some macarons for Samikchha's birthday from Ladurée :) That place is so darn posh!!!

✦✧✦New Phone✦✧✦

Valentine's day was so unpredictable. A total failure, cause what both DB and I ordered didn't arrive at all. So we exchanged gifts on the friday after Valentine's day, and he got me a phone!!! tan taran*~  the LG Lollipop
That's right. LED lights baby! It's awesome, you can have your own mini concerts at night.
And the ringtones on the phone are soo cute. I guess it's because the phone was probably mass produced for the south korean population so most of the songs are in korean, and the games too. But really this is such a wonderful gift ^^
I've always wanted a flip phone,  ever since I've watched those japanese dramas, especially after my HTC android got stolen on the freaking bus to uni! The man just ran away and I didn't even realise until I felt my pocket -_- 

My Dukh-bhari Kahani 
My sorrow-filled story
I haven't mentioned this in the blog before but I've been looted twice in the past 5 months. Oh my precious satchel with my oh so beautiful notes on animal physiology. Put so much effort on them. I made them so pretty too with pictures and different coloured pens. I love Ldn, but these 2 times I've hated it like crazy =_= I think it's my carelessness anyway, otherwise I wouldn't have been loosing things twice -_- the first ended up as a court case too. When the police told me I was like "whaa... O_O seriously? I'll pass", firstly because I'm a chicken and I  don't want to be in a court-room because it reminds me of Judge Judy  and secondly, I don't want my belongings with the thieves' germs. Anyway, my point is that, yeah you may wanna hook up in london, I dunno, somewhere in chinatown , at trocadiro or under that shaded temple like place, with your guys and girls for a date or a group meetup, but do put your belongings in your highest priority. Cause when you lose it, you lose it. And if you have a secret boyfriend/girlfriend and you went to London without your parents' permission, then you're in deep sh.... So my first item got stolen near Paddington. Be careful there too, as told to me by the officer, especially at KFC -_-
I my new phone, I love love love, love it!!! ^^ It's so adowable :3 You can even change the patterns of the front LED lights, like above, I made a heart shaped one but you can make any shape you want to or change it from the ones that are already available on the phone :) And I don't know why my camera shows a different kind of pink, but the phone is really highlighter pink in colour. Iphone users may struggle but I don't have one so :D And DB told me that this phone's been promoted by BigBang and 2NE1. He did his research  well hahaah. I saw their video on youtube. Very colourful xD and nice :) I would like to thank my db for such a wonderful present ^^ He thinks that I don't like it but I love it so much that I even made a video of it ^^" Apologies for the blurry-ness, I was recording using my non-writing hand, i.e. left.
Note: You can also change the colour of the LED strip at the bottom!
(Also, I'll write about what I got for DB in the next post.)

Typing about phones, my mum also received her rhinestone case from ebay. My eyes >_< She's a total gyaru my mum. And a lot of people including my brother have asked this but no, the cover doesn't poke you much, it's more of a tickler.
 Her previous phone skin;
And, it was my cousin sis' birthday on valentine's ;) Happy belated b'day Sushma di! I'm sorry I didn't wish you back then ^^" My best wishes with you and may you always be as happy and cheery as you always are! And also have the best lunches during work heheeh :D

Thursday, 17 February 2011

★Dorama Fever★

I watched a thai drama :D

Freaking awesome! Watched it for the 2nd time now and I still like it a lot :D so i think it's worth sharing. This thai drama (released in 2008) aka lakorn as it's called there (like we call 'em dharabahik and so on), is sooo darn twisted that it's so darn good. (Like a hindi serial with eastern asian actors. Some of them look Nepalese too lol) I wanted to tell the summary in a fun way so I made these charts to explain the plot :D I know it's really sad but I actually liked making them hahaah. Such a hardcore fan. Anyway, this is the plot of 
Jam Loey Rak or Defendant of Love.
Yeah, I know the story doesn't seem complicated enough but once you check out the love triangles... man... I made a chart for that too xD Spoiler Alert! Sorry, I don't know how to make a hiding section for this, but I believe one would get more enticed into watching it after seeing this:
Now that's complicated.

And the main dude in this drama's like the guy from coffee prince. Not personality wise, but in a way that you think they don't look good at all in the beginning, yet somehow you end up liking them a lot...well I did anyway. Aum and Aff are such a cute as well as a hot couple. And like in most dramas, the guy's rich. So if you love dramas, do give this one a try :)
And oh yeah, recently watched Crazy Little Thing called Love
I don't know if you guys have watched it or not, but it's a really cute Thai movie, also worth sharing. Will definitely bring back good memories from your school, specially if you studied back in Nepal ^^  Recommended to me and my roomie by her friend Sushma. And now we recommend it to you! Watch the trailer>>>
I know what you're thinking. The guy's super cute right? hahaah. And if you're really into school themed movies, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (What's up with love?) is also a good movie. It's from Indonesia and is in my good movies list. Watched it with my cousin ages ago back in Nepal.
You can find both movies on youtube. Thanks to those who uploaded and the friends who recommended :)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Went for a cuppa tea at...

Got us some macarons. Now these little French delish are supposed to be freaking expensive and the only place I know of, that sells them here is at Ladurée in Harrods. So I was very surprised to find these bad guys at Yumchaa, and the whole thing (with the tea and all) only cost me £8! They could've been home-made, I dunno. I'll ask them next time when I get the guts to do so. 
First time having macarons. They were really nice :d
My roomie Samikchha :)
Another pic of Sam at Vero Moda
 My brother got his pair of cherry red Doc. M from Viper at Amazon.
and I stole 'em.
It even came with a free scarf. No no no no, thank you Viper! Only £70

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Back home

I've been sighing (in admiration) a lot lately while travelling via tube. And that's because Javier Bardem's picture's all over the stations.
Now, Dipa thinks Mr. Penolope Cruz looks Nepalese and DB said he looks like a beast but I think he's biutiful :)
So I came home for the weekend and got a little surprise from my aunt. So pretty :3 This is my 4th pair of ear accessories now. 
Got dolled up for an interview.
Dress is from GAP, trench coat is Mum's, shoes from Clarks and bag's by Marc B

Late late late. The past few days in a nutshell.

Okay, so, got a panorama poster of Betty Boop
Been heavily dunkin' on doughnuts from KK
nom nom 
Went to watch The King's Speech. This pic below, I entitle it, "My jacket looks warm?.... I know right..... And it only cost me a fiver."
I really wanted to put Dipa's pic here. She looked so adorable with that big smile of hers, but I don't know why she said she didn't look good. But then again, I've had those moments too ._.
Lots of workshops/practicals. Been good ones the past week.
Love the colour. It's [VO(acac)2], lovely. This is Dipa's product by the way. Mine was still boiling. Man, I'm really slow at these practicals.
This is really cool. We got handed clickers and what they do is that they put questions on the screen up there and we choose the option for which we think the answer is right. Kinda like being an audience member at Who wants to be a millionaire... except that you get marked for it...and like in the show, it also shows you a poll in % See the bar at the background?
 Uni halls (miss 'em)
Went out to meet Anupa for her belated b'day.
It was also Melissa's 6th b'day so got her these.
And this card for Anupa heheeh. Yes, I'm a sick person, I forget birthdays ;_;  And below is our Lemony herself!
Went to a cake shop
What I wore then. I look like a fancy hobo. Well, that's how I like to roll.
Tulips from DB
He took these two flower pics so I'm loving him even more.
And for the finale, one more pic of the poster cause I wanna show it off. Also, random pic of the day. My newspaper/mags/any paper strips blue-tacked on the wall.
I know right, Javier Bardem and John Lenon are so hot. 
Ok bye.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

 There's one more star up in the sky tonight...

And even though it's far away,
it's brightness and warmth
still reach us here
to make the night
a little less dark.

We miss you...