Sunday, 6 February 2011

Late late late. The past few days in a nutshell.

Okay, so, got a panorama poster of Betty Boop
Been heavily dunkin' on doughnuts from KK
nom nom 
Went to watch The King's Speech. This pic below, I entitle it, "My jacket looks warm?.... I know right..... And it only cost me a fiver."
I really wanted to put Dipa's pic here. She looked so adorable with that big smile of hers, but I don't know why she said she didn't look good. But then again, I've had those moments too ._.
Lots of workshops/practicals. Been good ones the past week.
Love the colour. It's [VO(acac)2], lovely. This is Dipa's product by the way. Mine was still boiling. Man, I'm really slow at these practicals.
This is really cool. We got handed clickers and what they do is that they put questions on the screen up there and we choose the option for which we think the answer is right. Kinda like being an audience member at Who wants to be a millionaire... except that you get marked for it...and like in the show, it also shows you a poll in % See the bar at the background?
 Uni halls (miss 'em)
Went out to meet Anupa for her belated b'day.
It was also Melissa's 6th b'day so got her these.
And this card for Anupa heheeh. Yes, I'm a sick person, I forget birthdays ;_;  And below is our Lemony herself!
Went to a cake shop
What I wore then. I look like a fancy hobo. Well, that's how I like to roll.
Tulips from DB
He took these two flower pics so I'm loving him even more.
And for the finale, one more pic of the poster cause I wanna show it off. Also, random pic of the day. My newspaper/mags/any paper strips blue-tacked on the wall.
I know right, Javier Bardem and John Lenon are so hot. 
Ok bye.


Alice said...

aww.. luks lyk u had a lot of fun Sarah!! :)

Sαrαh said...

heheeh thanks alice i did :D Come to Reading if u change ur mind!!!

dips said...

the doughnuts were YUMMY!!! thanks D.B.
Actually the picture looks better without my shiney face.....ehehe...
my product looks good but my report is coming out CRAP!! @__@
keep posting