Sunday, 25 November 2012

Lightning McQueen

Nothing new besides the stormy weather outside, so just goofed around with the webcam.

I love this Primark jumper; so soft and warm. Tribal earrings gifted to me from my dear Lemony. Glasses; Vera Wang.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

2 Beach Boys & a Pianist

My current obsession with the 90's is getting out of control! I've already watched Reality Bites twice this month and now I'm repeating scenes from "Long Vacation" over and over again...  finding a well reviewed JDorama set in the 90's is good enough for me but at the same time, having not just one, but 2 out of these 3 gorgeous men starring in it is not good for my health! Ooh the heart, it flutters too much (>_<)~ their hair... so perfectly quaffed.

Takenouchi Yutaka with a cig in the 1st photograph and with Takashi Sorimachi in the 2nd. 
Such a cool vibe. The two actors star alongside each other in "Beach Boys".

My boyfriend and I are big fans of Mr. Sorimachi's GTO series; one of the best JDramas out there in my opinion. The chemistry between his and Nanako Matsushima's character is just so fun to watch and they actually fell in love at the set and got married! 

And finally, we have Takuya Kimura. DB loved "Hero" and he told me to watch it ages ago, which I still haven't ^^" but will definitely now after having watched his performance in Long Vacation. He stars alongside Takenouchi Yutaka as a young piano teacher who starts sharing an apartment with an ex-model 7 years his senior.

I can't imagine anyone else playing the roles of the two leads. Tomoko Yamaguchi is an amazing actress and I loved watching her in this one. I feel that the JDramas back then were more natural compared to the ones they air these days. Nowadays, the dramas seem a bit too exaggerated and unreal. These doramas I've listed, all from the 1990's, are my top 3 JDramas of all time... well, so far, until now. And then comes "1 Litre of Tears". That one's the 4th because it made me cry too much... probably cried a litre for each episode.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Late Season Shopping

Tunic Dress by F&F at Tesco
Tights by bhs
Wedges by Marks & Spencer

Hm, the first two pictures look like the before and after versions of myself. The weather may appear bright at the moment in England but the crowd's constant sniffing suggests that winter's here. Clearance on summer items are on and the feeling of buying clothing items at 70% less than the original price is quite satisfying indeed. These wedges are definitely my best buys of the season but I don't think I will be wearing them until summer strikes back.

I had been thinking of buying a make-up kit, complete with brushes and all as I've never owned one because of that incident when I was 13 and had this random allergic reaction to a foundation while preparing for a school play's rehearsal. My face was all puffy and gouty like a crocodile's skin for a couple of days. But I've gradually started to apply make-up again, taking allergic tests first of course and the only foundations I use are either Nivea's tinted moisturising cream or Skin79's Super+ BB cream. Anywho, I bought this 17 kit from Boots which was recommended for beginners... and I like the ribbon :D

Such an organised box!

I like the colours; they aren't too flashy and all the essential ones are in there. I've tested a few items and I love the primer and the gel liner. The brushes seem good too and so does the mascara but I'm not too sure about the liner, they appear to be a bit faint.

Another thing I bought; this A-mazing hair-brush called the tangle teezer. God, I never thought I would love combing my hair! It just clears all those darn tangles in a swipe. It may work differently for different kinds of hair, but it works really well on my fine ones. My hair's been falling and thinning like crazy over the past couple of years and I recently noticed this product. Now, I don't know if its had a psychological effect on me or what, but I feel like my hair's starting to grow thicker and I'm noticing less hair loss. It cost me £10.99 but I feel like its worth the investment.

And now with this free promotion of all the above products, I bid you adieu~ I kinda wish that these product producers somehow, out of nowhere, stumble upon this post and feel even a wee little bit gratified that they decide to sponsor me... but that probably has a lesser chance of happening than me winning the lottery... :'( lulz, ok bye.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Modest Charmer

I wanted to post this before I go and watch Skyfall tomorrow. So excited to see Ben Whishaw as the new Quartermaster! His 20 minute skit, Love Hate, on the BBC was so funny and you can't help but fall in love with his and Abbie Cornish's portrayal of John Keats and Fanny Brawne in Bright Star.