Sunday, 4 November 2012

Late Season Shopping

Tunic Dress by F&F at Tesco
Tights by bhs
Wedges by Marks & Spencer

Hm, the first two pictures look like the before and after versions of myself. The weather may appear bright at the moment in England but the crowd's constant sniffing suggests that winter's here. Clearance on summer items are on and the feeling of buying clothing items at 70% less than the original price is quite satisfying indeed. These wedges are definitely my best buys of the season but I don't think I will be wearing them until summer strikes back.

I had been thinking of buying a make-up kit, complete with brushes and all as I've never owned one because of that incident when I was 13 and had this random allergic reaction to a foundation while preparing for a school play's rehearsal. My face was all puffy and gouty like a crocodile's skin for a couple of days. But I've gradually started to apply make-up again, taking allergic tests first of course and the only foundations I use are either Nivea's tinted moisturising cream or Skin79's Super+ BB cream. Anywho, I bought this 17 kit from Boots which was recommended for beginners... and I like the ribbon :D

Such an organised box!

I like the colours; they aren't too flashy and all the essential ones are in there. I've tested a few items and I love the primer and the gel liner. The brushes seem good too and so does the mascara but I'm not too sure about the liner, they appear to be a bit faint.

Another thing I bought; this A-mazing hair-brush called the tangle teezer. God, I never thought I would love combing my hair! It just clears all those darn tangles in a swipe. It may work differently for different kinds of hair, but it works really well on my fine ones. My hair's been falling and thinning like crazy over the past couple of years and I recently noticed this product. Now, I don't know if its had a psychological effect on me or what, but I feel like my hair's starting to grow thicker and I'm noticing less hair loss. It cost me £10.99 but I feel like its worth the investment.

And now with this free promotion of all the above products, I bid you adieu~ I kinda wish that these product producers somehow, out of nowhere, stumble upon this post and feel even a wee little bit gratified that they decide to sponsor me... but that probably has a lesser chance of happening than me winning the lottery... :'( lulz, ok bye.


t said...

Nice outfit!

Sara said...

thank u :D