Tuesday, 30 August 2011

♔ Sophiya's birthday ♔

Yaayy it was Sophie's birthday and we had a blast watching Hangover hahaah. Darn that Bradley Cooper is oh so finee. It was a small and cosy family party at home and most of the elders gave her some money... it talks.

Also, she got awesome grades for her GCSEs, so I thought my gift for her should be something that talks too so I got her this. A YSlipstick. Rouge Volupte. No. 13:Peach Passion. I hope you're happy with it Sophie! And if your aren't then, well then I'm not a good enough sister.
 And of course, I took the pics with her permission after she opened it.
Surprisingly, the lady at the counter gave us these free samples of fragrances, which we took as a sign of God wishing her a good birthday too xD
They all smell gooood but my favourite one's Saharienne. It just blends in with sweetness whereas the other ones seem quite sharp.

Bought this cute Jack Wills bag! The colour may be difficult to co-ordinate with most clothes but that element itself is what I find so striking about it. It's super easy to carry around and has the ability to hold 3 fat hardcover books and a laptop, and still have room for more things, which I think is pretty impressive.

Monday, 29 August 2011

It's chico time!

Hellow darrrlingss!!! :DD Sorry, just read a few pages from Michael McIntyre's autobiography. It's so freaking funny xD Specially the captions underneath the pictures hahaah. Anyway, it's Teej this Wednesday. I can't believe it's been a year since I started blogging! I remember putting pics from last year's Teej... ahhh life is so short. Except when queuing up in public restrooms and other few moments hahaah. 
The difference between pre and post camera clicks
For all my dear non-Nepali readers out there, Teej is a specific day that happens every year and women fast for the well being of their husbands. Single and unmarried women may also fast and pray to Lord Shiva for a real fine alpha male, or for their fiances, boyfriends, just friends cus I don't wanna show him my feelings etc. And during the month of this particular festival, girls/women wear mehndi! So yeah, we put on some which was a great way to pass some time, well besides the smell which kinda stings your nostrils. The only time I remember wearing menhdi before was when I was around 9 or 10? This here was done by my mother for me.
And this one's by me for my mum.
The longer you let the henna dry, the darker it stays. 
Also, it tends to wash away quick if you use hot/warm water.
And then I thought of making a dragon one. So I used this tribal tattoo design and copied it on my arm. 

I had to darken this pic above ^

Looks like someone shat on my arm.
This is how it looks after about 1 and a half hours;
And then the thing just falls off by itself or if you are really keen, then you can just scrape it off, which gives us something like this;
I feel okay with how it turned out. I mean looking at the pics, the shit stage looks better than the last stage so I don't know... Well, in conclusion of my mehndi experiment, henna looks best on palms, which sadly I've probably been the last person to know about -_-
    Also, I attended a wedding anniversary of another cousin of mine. Here's a pic (courtsey of Sophie) of me surrounded by 4 beautiful ladies at the partehh :D From left to right: Biddhya bhauju, me, Sophie(ya), Sushma di and Munu di.
 Keeping aside all the cultural things we did the past few days, Maggie came over for a little visit :3
She's soo cute (≧∇≦) As expected of Sophie's sista!
About the post title, I couldn't come up with anything...so I just wrote the first thing that came into my mind. I wonder how's that X factor dude doing hahaah.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Aviator and mac

My kid brother here and I had a lotta time free on Saturday so I suggested we do a photoshoot and he was like "Cool cool" ...
Who am I kidding, I literally begged him to do this T_T on all four hands and knees. Well, these pictures are our final products.

 Maybe I should start producing photobooks hahaas xD That would be an awesome job. Easy money xD Well this ^ shoot was but hey I have no clue about how photo-shoots run and my camera is only a 10 MP Sanyo...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

circle lens!

Hey guys! I got my very first pair of coloured circle lens :D Bought the GEO Tri Colour Blue ones from Shoppingholics.com
no flash
 I the colour!
All pics were taken using htc desire. I'm impressed that the quality of these lenses can be captured using just a camera from a phone. I assume it would look better using a dslr.
The delivery took around 2 weeks. They state in their website that we should wait for 21 days at least so I knew it was arriving late anyway. It came through Royal Mail which needs your signature and it cost me £3.50 posting fee.
And it came with 3 free gifts! I bought a pair for Sophie as well, hence the large number of presents hahaah. The 1st gift was an eye mask which I haven't used yet, the instructions seem easy enough to follow.
The 2nd one was a hair patch cloth thing to move your hair out of your face. My brother's borrowed it for a while; very useful it is.
 3rd gift consisted of contact lens cases. Both are so adorable, and not to forget the cute box the lens bottles were in!
Overall, I'm really happy with the service of Shoppingholics :D The lens are beautiful but the problem I found about it was regarding comfort. My eyes started to itch a lot after about 2 hours of wearing it. So, I think the problem here arises from the manufacturers. My normal prescribed lens are clear circle ones due to my astigmatism really high eye power, which needs a larger diameter (we're talking -6.00 here). Maybe the diameter of this particular pair of lens didn't match, that I need to check. And then again, my friend, Anupa, is a frequent circle lens user and she had no problem whatsoever with the same type of contacts.
 And cutest buy of the week! This really cute card holder from paperchase for a pound! Great for my oyster card!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Cropped up

Seems like summer's starting to fade away, so I thought I should put up some pics of summery clothes before it actually does. Here,
top Diesel
high waisted shorts New Look
flip flops Topshop

 I was paying a little visit to a friend of mine at her work and this crop top was on sale! Love it :D Has an 80's disco vibe to it :)

Look inspired by Jedi A-hole, Logan Olson xD

Thursday, 11 August 2011

life's a beach

Last weekend, we went to Devon to visit our family friends. They then took us to a beach at Woolacombe  :)
For some reason, every time I took a pic of footprints in the sand, they appear as if to be bulging out rather than sinking in! There must be some kinda science behind it...
Baywatch moment xD without the red swimsuit and that Pamela Anderson body of course xD
Such an awesome kid
 Memorials; unfortunate but important...
 A scene from a hill!
Surfers! By God, they're so cool. I've always wanted to try out surfing! One of the things I wanna try out before I die.
 The houses there were amazing! Like one of Malibu Stacey's beach houses! I would so happily buy one there if I had enough monehh!
 Ahhh~ imagine coming out of the balcony and watching the magnificent oceanic view as soon as you wake up ( ´∀`) Speaking of which;
Lots of VW Campers on site! Here's a pic of two.
Someone's not impressed xD
A little village near the beach
Even the toilets were pretty!
Nyah don't worry about him, he just misses the city lol
Unlike most of the beaches at the UK, this one at Woolacombe doesn't have those fun game playing carnival-like areas next to piers. It's just a massive beach with a really small town and only a few places to eat at. BUT, out of all the 7 beaches I've been to in the UK, it is the cleanest one I've ever seen! Not even a tiny piece of broken glass in sight. It is, for me, by far the best beach I've been to after the one in Dale. (I haven't been to any beaches outside the UK) The only flaw in this trip was that it was pretty windy, but only in the morning, and then again, most beaches in the UK have a bit of wind... everybody does hahahaa.

Hope I didn't bore you with all the pics.
My family just needed this trip. It was, to be honest, quite superb :)

PS: I didn't swim because of my flabs xD What better excuse than that eh? hahaah xD