Tuesday, 16 August 2011

circle lens!

Hey guys! I got my very first pair of coloured circle lens :D Bought the GEO Tri Colour Blue ones from Shoppingholics.com
no flash
 I the colour!
All pics were taken using htc desire. I'm impressed that the quality of these lenses can be captured using just a camera from a phone. I assume it would look better using a dslr.
The delivery took around 2 weeks. They state in their website that we should wait for 21 days at least so I knew it was arriving late anyway. It came through Royal Mail which needs your signature and it cost me £3.50 posting fee.
And it came with 3 free gifts! I bought a pair for Sophie as well, hence the large number of presents hahaah. The 1st gift was an eye mask which I haven't used yet, the instructions seem easy enough to follow.
The 2nd one was a hair patch cloth thing to move your hair out of your face. My brother's borrowed it for a while; very useful it is.
 3rd gift consisted of contact lens cases. Both are so adorable, and not to forget the cute box the lens bottles were in!
Overall, I'm really happy with the service of Shoppingholics :D The lens are beautiful but the problem I found about it was regarding comfort. My eyes started to itch a lot after about 2 hours of wearing it. So, I think the problem here arises from the manufacturers. My normal prescribed lens are clear circle ones due to my astigmatism really high eye power, which needs a larger diameter (we're talking -6.00 here). Maybe the diameter of this particular pair of lens didn't match, that I need to check. And then again, my friend, Anupa, is a frequent circle lens user and she had no problem whatsoever with the same type of contacts.
 And cutest buy of the week! This really cute card holder from paperchase for a pound! Great for my oyster card!


Anupa aka Snoopy said...

omg u mentioned me woop woop !!! i feel special now !! xD love your posts, so interesting ^_^

Sαrαh said...

hahaah Lemony! ur always sepcial!! <3