Thursday, 11 August 2011

life's a beach

Last weekend, we went to Devon to visit our family friends. They then took us to a beach at Woolacombe  :)
For some reason, every time I took a pic of footprints in the sand, they appear as if to be bulging out rather than sinking in! There must be some kinda science behind it...
Baywatch moment xD without the red swimsuit and that Pamela Anderson body of course xD
Such an awesome kid
 Memorials; unfortunate but important...
 A scene from a hill!
Surfers! By God, they're so cool. I've always wanted to try out surfing! One of the things I wanna try out before I die.
 The houses there were amazing! Like one of Malibu Stacey's beach houses! I would so happily buy one there if I had enough monehh!
 Ahhh~ imagine coming out of the balcony and watching the magnificent oceanic view as soon as you wake up ( ´∀`) Speaking of which;
Lots of VW Campers on site! Here's a pic of two.
Someone's not impressed xD
A little village near the beach
Even the toilets were pretty!
Nyah don't worry about him, he just misses the city lol
Unlike most of the beaches at the UK, this one at Woolacombe doesn't have those fun game playing carnival-like areas next to piers. It's just a massive beach with a really small town and only a few places to eat at. BUT, out of all the 7 beaches I've been to in the UK, it is the cleanest one I've ever seen! Not even a tiny piece of broken glass in sight. It is, for me, by far the best beach I've been to after the one in Dale. (I haven't been to any beaches outside the UK) The only flaw in this trip was that it was pretty windy, but only in the morning, and then again, most beaches in the UK have a bit of wind... everybody does hahahaa.

Hope I didn't bore you with all the pics.
My family just needed this trip. It was, to be honest, quite superb :)

PS: I didn't swim because of my flabs xD What better excuse than that eh? hahaah xD


Anonymous said...

LOl at maila baa.
looks like u guys had fun

lokopoko said...

u have some really gr8 pictures... ^____^.. after all u r my errm eerm.. hahha..


Sαrαh said...

hahaah pokchee
and sophie chopie we should go there together n try out surfing!