Friday, 24 June 2011

ⓜ&ⓜ's street!

So, last night, we went down to m&m's world, which recently opened at Leicester Square! and it was crazy fun! There was nothing else besides m&m products and everything was quite expensive but for some reason, you go all smiley. It's just such a happy place!!! And you get free hugs from a giant red m&m.
look at them m&ms!!
Walking down the m&m road!
Joined by a little companion!
m&m factory!
hand crafted pocket mirrors
our homie lol
Arti with Mr/Miss? m&m
Sir Isaac ⓜewton? xD
pole dancing would have been too inappropriate...
hot Sammy
Bibimbap @ Little Korea! My first time there :D
Sake~ They serve Japanese cuisine as well! 

with Jocelyn, Arti, Ritu and Sammy

Remeber guys, don't drink until you're of the right age! We're all over 21 and taking very light amounts, so it's ok for us! Drinking is best when it's legal for you to do so! And also when you take the minimum amount! Besides, all alcohols are toxic! One thing I learned as a biochemist. 

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

bye bye flat ;(

It's the end of the academic year already and we'll be going back home for the summer. Unfortunately, we'll be leaving the flat permanently this coming week T_T Time spent here seems so little but it has been a good home for us for the past 9 months.
It's pretty small as it's a 1 bedroom flat but the rooms are quite spacious and very very warm. I don't think we even had to use heaters that often because of the sauna room just below our floor.
The Kitchen

Check out our plastic wine glasses hahaah. That's student living for you.
The to*let/bathroom xD
Me room

Sammy's room
The mail-room
not really xD

 sauna & steam
View from the 10th floor. Lots of constructions going on.
 The Olympic stadium in the making. If we were staying here for the coming year as well, viewing the opening would've been so easy and awesome. Too bad we won't be :( The rent is too damn high! Hahaah that video cracks me up every time xD

Thursday, 16 June 2011

ear-wings heheeh

xD the post title is funny. I can't believe I actually came up with that; I should give myself a pat on the back hahhaah xD Anywho, here are some clearer images of the new earrings I bought from claire's:
without flash
with flash: Samikchha as the hand model xD
 And I also bought this feathery pair which was on sale for only £2.
And DB bought a bike. I think it's a Yamaha.
 He didn't like this pic so I've made a few changes to it :) The E stands for Expert hahaah xD

And here's a random pic of me wearing my scarf as a turban headband because I'm too stingy to buy an actual one; heyyhey :DD My one eyeball looks creepy but I like the pic, so there you go!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

food food food

Okie, so the past 2 weeks were hectic! It's not been long since we finished our 2nd year exams, and we started 1 of our 3rd year modules and the lab hours were from freaking 9 to 5!!! So, pretty worn out really and hungry too. I was just looking through what to post about and only saw pics of food on my cellphone -_- but they were oh sooo good (in mychonny voice lol)
Yes, what better way to start than with a pic of momos; these delicious dumplings heheeeh
 And some d'oh-noughts hahaah

Yeah there were more of these amazing dishes I had but then I was too hungry to take their pics...

And we ate soo much that we noticed our fridge was almost completely empty!!!
So we ran straight to Tesco's and stocked it up. Last night :D
And this is only the top half of the refrigerator lawl
These 2 pics would make an intense spot the difference game hahaah

Recently we've started drinking this Korean Aloe jelly drink (you can find it in Tesco as well), which my cousin and friends said works great for the skin. Now, I don't know if it works, but I sure do know that it tastes great.
And ohmyGod, Golden Curry is a must!!! Our fridge is never out of this!! When you got nothing to cook, just cook Japanese curry! Add meat, potatoes, leeks, chicken feet, whatever, it works all the time!
Oh yesh, bought a new food item to try out for the first time! The instructions are pretty clear to read so it looks like a pretty easy meal to make. Well, cus it's ready-made.

It better be good!
Okay, it was good! I just ate it. 

 Besides shopping for food, I got a new frame and a box of water colour pencils and a mini canvas; so cute! ^^ All from Tiger
And a pair of earrings.
The other pics didn't come out nice from my phone, so I'll try getting better pics with DB's dslr. 

Oh and I found these on my parents' top most shelf; the one where I need a chair to get access to...I didn't know they were this much into brands xD