Monday, 6 June 2011

9th beat: Kakoii man

Among all the eastern Asian actors I know of, the first one that comes into my mind as the manliest one (besides Bruce Lee of course. He's like the manliest of the manliest.) is Yūsuke Iseya

Yeah, there are loads of other strong masculine Oriental personalities; like the mr. Darcy type: Daniel Henney and Won Bin, or martial artists such as the legendary Jackie Chan, Ong-bak and Stephen Chow or even Yokozona back from WWF. I'm not talking about any alpha male types either. Just a regular, strictly cool, manly celeb; like Yūsuke Iseya. 

A model, artist, actor and director, 5' 11" tall Iseya is mainly known for his role as Casshern in the movie of the same name. I myself think it's a good movie; it's sci-fi and kinda deep. The plot is pretty good. In fact, I am afraid it might happen in the future D: Hopefully not; fingers crossed.

Although Iseya is, as in my opinion, a manly man, he's the face of Loreal Japan and also models for Prada: Milan. And he's also the man from Asahi Aqua Blue beer. And what else...

He starred alongside another Japanese manly *Ahoo* (300 moment haha) actor Hideaki Ito (the older brother from First Kiss), Oguri Shun and Quinten Tarantino in Sukiyaki Western Django.
   His recent movies include 13 Assassins and Ashita no Joe (from the manga) with Yamapi where he plays Joe's rival, Toru Rikiishi.
 I can't help but imagine him as a samurai from those romantic eras :)
 But of course, I will imagine my boyfriend as my savior samurai :D Iseya-san will be the villain or older brother heheheheeheh

So comment below, who do you think is the manliest celeb out there? 
I have a feeling a lot might say Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel. Dang, Fast Five was so full of testosterone O_O

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