Friday, 24 June 2011

ⓜ&ⓜ's street!

So, last night, we went down to m&m's world, which recently opened at Leicester Square! and it was crazy fun! There was nothing else besides m&m products and everything was quite expensive but for some reason, you go all smiley. It's just such a happy place!!! And you get free hugs from a giant red m&m.
look at them m&ms!!
Walking down the m&m road!
Joined by a little companion!
m&m factory!
hand crafted pocket mirrors
our homie lol
Arti with Mr/Miss? m&m
Sir Isaac ⓜewton? xD
pole dancing would have been too inappropriate...
hot Sammy
Bibimbap @ Little Korea! My first time there :D
Sake~ They serve Japanese cuisine as well! 

with Jocelyn, Arti, Ritu and Sammy

Remeber guys, don't drink until you're of the right age! We're all over 21 and taking very light amounts, so it's ok for us! Drinking is best when it's legal for you to do so! And also when you take the minimum amount! Besides, all alcohols are toxic! One thing I learned as a biochemist. 


The Electric Heart Girl said...

i love mnm n i love the parka-type outwear yu are wearing..:)

Sαrαh said...

thank u :D the material's the same as the one of the raincoats we use tho!