Tuesday, 21 June 2011

bye bye flat ;(

It's the end of the academic year already and we'll be going back home for the summer. Unfortunately, we'll be leaving the flat permanently this coming week T_T Time spent here seems so little but it has been a good home for us for the past 9 months.
It's pretty small as it's a 1 bedroom flat but the rooms are quite spacious and very very warm. I don't think we even had to use heaters that often because of the sauna room just below our floor.
The Kitchen

Check out our plastic wine glasses hahaah. That's student living for you.
The to*let/bathroom xD
Me room

Sammy's room
The mail-room
not really xD

 sauna & steam
View from the 10th floor. Lots of constructions going on.
 The Olympic stadium in the making. If we were staying here for the coming year as well, viewing the opening would've been so easy and awesome. Too bad we won't be :( The rent is too damn high! Hahaah that video cracks me up every time xD

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