Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Candies and Cars

Yes, Optimus Prime was in the neighbourhood. He was scouting for Autobots so I enlisted myself for the next mission.  

Saw a Ferrari in the building near our bus stop. Don't know if it signed up or not.

Tried Pinkberry for the first time. Amazing guilt free treat.

Will be in Nepal for 2 weeks. Till then, ciao~

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jubilee weekend

Didn't go to the main event (which I regret) due to other commitments, but thanks to John Lewis, I did manage to take a snap of the Queen's portrait made entirely out of jelly beans to commemorate the event.

Finished my exams yet can't think of anything awesome to do... except think about what to eat next. Roomy made some real good chocolate and cinnamon muffins.

The weather was good for around a week or two.

But now it's raining all the time. There's even been flooding in Stratford and people had to walk through the tunnel because the tube line stopped. Oh hang on... we have an update here...another massive flooding in Wales as well. Well, at least the plants are making the most of it.

Got a new, hair cut~ Yes, chopped them uneven locks. Had a lot of split ends.

I've been trying to develop my relationship with the sexist cat that lives around in the neighbourhood but have got no luck whatsoever. The cat jumps and dances and does all that jazz when a man calls out (I don't know its gender but very likely that its a she, but then again it could be gay.) but snares and makes a sort of pouty face, like in the picture below, when a female approaches it. You funny kitteh.