Tuesday, 31 May 2011

@ home and around town

Got a new earring!
Funky eh? Heheheeh thanks to Topman
Also, it's been a month since I last saw my brother and as soon as I saw his outfit I thought of Julian Casablancas hahaah.
He recently bought L.A. NOIRE, and I have to admit it's one of the great games out there. I was browsing around the net to kill some time while me brother was playing the game and I got soo hooked into watching it instead; like superglue! The plot is awesome and you just feel like you're watching a crime drama.
We're supposed to find out (as a detective) things like whether a witness is lying or not, and the graphics for the facial expressions are just amazing~
 Met Mimi di. her cat eye glasses!
and skull line ring!
I read a JUICY post by Na-Cha about the new Shatter polish by OPI and absolutely loved it! I was looking for it at Boots and found an alternative to it by Barry M called CRACKLE
Just apply it on top of any base coat and let it do its magic*~ Me and Mimi sis went to buy another one but it was all sold out! 

And I keep forgetting to post about this hime-gyaruish dress I bought at Stratford from Fusion.
 The pearl neck detail;
(without flash)

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The Electric Heart Girl said...

i love the skrit and it color looks beautiful with the light..

im following you beautiful