Sunday, 1 May 2011

❖ Latest buys ❖ (+nails)

Camden Town has a lot lot lot to offer. Although a bit expensive, it's one of the few places in LDN where you can buy goods from east Asia, like the ones they sell in this hime-style shop!
I bought a t-shirt from 3 lovely South Korean ladies who have a stall called Wonder Park, where they paint it for you! You can buy a ready-made one or create your own by following these simple steps:
Pick a t-shirt style (ladies'/men's)
Choose the size (S, M, L etc)
Choose a design (from display)
Optional: Add some writings.

It costs £12 per t-shirt and £20 for 2. The plain tee they use is usually white in colour, but you can ask them if they have different colours in stock. I went for a Union Jack design and like it a lot :D Being a Korean drama fanatic, I also asked them to write my name in Korean ^^" And they were equally happy to do so :DD
It took around 15-20 min to paint + iron it. You can go around town during that time and return later but I stayed there for a bit and had a nice chat about Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook instead heheheeh :D  
Also, they leave you a cute note about ironing the shirt before washing it for the 1st time (note: only 1st time!)

Also bought a silver ring from the street market even though I felt I was being ripped off. I had been wanting one so badly and this one looked real nice like the ones from Thamel so I'm happy I bought it :)
I know! I have such hairy fingers (T_T) But I don't wanna wax them, in fear that they might grow even longer D:
Tasted cinnamom flavoured doughnuts for the first time.Really nice*~
And then, bought a cute mirror from Chinatown. Darn, I can never avoid that place!

 And a phone charm.

I had no idea how to attach it to my phone, so was googling it. But thankfully, my roomie knew how to and it was sooo easy that I felt so stupid -.- 
Right there, just by forming a loop

Had a bit of spare time (yes, even though the exams are coming soon...) so spent it on my nails! The almost transparent pink coat is from Tesco and the gold one is from elf.

Oh yeah, and I read that Wu Chun has dropped out from playing Night in Absolute Darling!!! (aka absolute boyfriend) Why???!!!!! I was soo looking forward to seeing him together with Koo Hye Sun T______T My summer plan all gone... with the wind... need to watch that too.

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