Friday, 27 May 2011

end of exams

Celebration time! 
We spent some time at Carnaby Street

My brother says I look like an emotionless freak here hahaah but I quite like this picture.
Knitwear's from H&M, shorts from Primark (only £1! customized by DB), shoes from Boohoo and bag by Marks&Spencers
Tried the new yam cake by Golden Gate at Chinatown, and  a Pikachu drink. Yummeh!
Then went to watch Thor at Odeon. Pretty hot actors in there. It had quite a nice plot. I might even start reading the comic. Speaking of which, it's comic con and anime expo tomorrow!!! Futurama's cast and the Lion Man will be there!! I won't be going though ;( Haven't been home for a while, so gotta be there :D
Nikon Man: DB teaching me photography techniques
Yup, 3D alright :)
After the movie, we just roamed around town until we got tired.
 Bought a new make-up/accessory bag from H&M. So cute :3
Also, DB bought me a Vivienne Westwood necklace. It looks titanic-y but still, I love it!
It really knows how to shine~
 And a video clip of a really cool performance of the day! Enjoy :)
  Pics by DB aka Lokopoko!


Anonymous said...

Sarah :) love that necklace of yours!!!! I WANT IT!!! moon xx

Sαrαh said...

thank u sis :D

Lemon said...

omg that necklace and the outfit with it are ah-maaayyy-zingggg !!! <3

Sαrαh said...

heheeh thanks lemony ;D