Friday, 13 May 2011

Exams... stress & shoes

All my exams up to now have been pretty much horrible T-T and all I can say is that 2nd year is freaking tough!! (for me it was ToT) I tried revising the same way I did for 1st year and the idea backfired real bad! I have six days off until the next one, and the only way I can feel a bit relaxed is by blogging! And they finally fixed blogger! I was like "First exams, now this?! Why God, why??" It's a good thing that problem is gone now, and hopefully it won't arise again. I have been depressed enough... look I'm even starting to bald ;(
Okay now, let's step aside from my ranting. Gladiators are out again for the summer, but I don't think I'll buy a new pair. Maybe wedges, I will. I only own a pair of each and am quite fond of these gladiators. Makes me glad :D
Got it from Matalan around 1 and a half years ago and still going strong and pretty! Like a true Spartan accessory! hahaah. Ah~ yeah 300's a good movie. Didn't know the nude prophecy scene existed though, only realized later that my brother skipped it. Good kid hahaah.
So anyway, my workboots' chain broke! So I got new ones from Boohoo. It was on sale for £10 in the winter, but I thought I'll be a Scrooge and waitfor the price to go down. But it went up instead -_- So, it was a total of £15 excluding the delivery charge which is £3.99 The webshop's got a lot of good stuff and is my mum's favourite.
Isn't she a beauty?? Okay maybe it's not to many people's liking, but I looove it! Looks like a pair of Dr. Martens ^^ And it's super light and comfy. The only tweak is that it makes that rubber scrunching sound every time you walk, but then again maybe it's cause it's new.

I was scrolling through a new article by Tokyofashion about Golden Week sales, when I stumbled upon this...
And then I thought, "hey that scarf holding thing looks like a ring!" Well, it looks like one to me, so I tried copying this host clubbing dude's style;
 and tadah!
So yeah, that's about it for now. Will only finish my exams on the 25th so don't know if I'll be blogging in between. Till then ciao~ and take care~
All the nice looking Pics by LokoPoko! Check out his recently opened flickr page :D

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