Monday, 25 April 2011

Loads of food...

I turned 21!
Aaah it's a big number, but still, 
I don't feel any change in myself hahaah.
That's not my name on the cake by the way, but it's what my beau DB
calls me (it means chubby) hehehaha. Thank you for the gorgeous cake! :D
Later at night, my family and I went to China Palace for dinner @ Reading. 
The food there was delish!
During the weekend, we went for a lil ride to Knightsbridge.
Then a bit of walking at Hyde Park. They placed this ferris wheel there to promote the royal wedding and we all hopped in. Only £6 if you have a student/NUS card for about 4 turns. Awesome! but scary ^^

And then we headed off to many asians' favourite place; Chinatown
My mother made/bought herself a phone charm

and then we all helped ourselves to some food. Yeah Beijing dumplings!

Gifts from family and friends: thank you Sammy, Dipa, mum & dad :D
Also, I've wanted put some pics from late winter. So here they are;
 DB loves anything with a little i and a picture of a quarter bitten white apple. So we went to the store.

Had some ramen at Wagamama
And that's it.
Thanks for visiting the page!

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