Tuesday, 5 April 2011

brother beat

Somebody's been spending a lot and it's not me. I wanted to feature my brother because honestly, I think he dresses up quite good for a guy his age; well that's because I give him the tips xD Na, I'm just kidding. I used to before, but now he's getting better at it and the advice giving is turning around, what do you call it again, reciprocating yeah. Anyway, here are his few new buys:

In lil bro's wardrobe;
Shirt GAP
Chino Trousers Topman
Suede shoes via Amazon

And an aviator jacket from NEXT
was on sale for £30 from freaking £70!

And in his shopping gear:
(sounds so gay lol)

 Shirt & Bag Matalan
Jeans H&M
 Shoes Dr Martens

Anywho, I had this vans bag that looked pretty cool but normal; black and grey. Bought it for £28, dropped from £40. It had some logo prints on it but they weren't that visible, so I painted on them with some acrylics. 

Now they say you have to use sandpaper to scratch the leather bit so that the paint will last longer, but I was too lazy to do that, plus I want a rugged look for my bag in the future so I suppose just paint will do for now.

I did some shopping in the past week as well, but I'll tell you about it in the next post. But here's a pic of me with the knitted headband I bought at Primark for only 50p! I was almost gonna buy a similar one at Boohoo for £4 :O Saved!
New glasses from Tesco Opticians for £15 ;D Oh yeah, see the sides of the frame, that's because my power is -6 on the right eye and -5.5 on the left :B It's not because of too much TV ^^"

Also, it's been soo long that I haven't sketched, so I took the weekend at home as an opportunity to. 
It's Prince of Persia from POP Next Gen :DDD Hope you guys like it!

Speaking of Brother Beat, have you guys watched that drama of the same name? It's nice ^^

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