Wednesday, 30 March 2011

6th beat: Juri Ueno

It's been a long long time since the last ℬeat topic, so finally today, I present to you, miss Juri Ueno!  The first movie I saw of her was Swing Girls. Very hillarious! Great fun and simply adored her carefree character!
Miss Ueno has scooped a lot of awards, and by a lot I mean a lot lot. I haven't watched Nodame Cantabile yet, but I've got thumbs up from a couple of friends. Looking at the poster, I think her and Tamaki Hiroshi make such a cute couple. But then again her and Eita make a real cool couple at the same time. The dude from 1 litre of tears was soo scary in Last Friends D:
I thought she looked really cool as a tomboy in that drama, Last Friends. Not many girls can pull off really short hair, or maybe I'm thinking that way because I haven't come accross many girls with that short hair.
kewl :3
She looks so mature now compared to the character she played in Swing Girls as a 16-year-old. That movie cracked me and my brother up so much when we first watched it xD The name of the movie may sound a bit new and weird but the film's actually about a group of high school girls forming a jazz band.
And now she's like all grown up and so beautiful :")
Like a modern hime-sama.
Love her dress! Her shoes! Her hair! Aahhhh love her whole look!!! so pretty x3

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