Friday, 11 March 2011

Asian Invas!on

Had my brother and cousin come over for a good time over the half term aka reading week, when nobody reads... We were later joined by Aaron, who turned out to be quite a strong, final fantasy caricaturing kiddo. You see, I thought I knew the eastern asian streets of London quite well, but I was wrong O_O 
enjoying a drink with Son Goku

Thus, we travelled in the great city, following our golden haired leader. And whenever we lost our paths and got separated from a companion, a glimpse of his flaming hair would relieve us, as it was the only thing... that helped us reunite and continue with our journey ahead...

nom nom
I didn't know the pool place in Trocadiro is so popular with Nepalese! Dang, I saw like so many O_O I shouldn't have just played at the 2p area -_-
Showing off mah moves (or no moves) in dance x2 revolution
I think that decoration's for a wedding pic... well, congratulations to the happy couple!
with Sophie
With the lynx angels
baby bro
Also, helped raise money for Marrow at Bow Road station. It may not seem much to some, but it really meant a lot for us, being able to help those with blood cancer. It was a very tiring job but at the end, you get this massive feel good factor, which is just an amazing experience because you are helping save someone's life.
My brother's bike had gone bonkers. Broken twice already, and it's not even been a year since it was bought.
Yeah, I can see myself on this bike....with the wind blowing my hair and everything...

loool maybe not...xD

I look like I'm trying to copy Sylvester Stallone but I love the editing so had to post this up hahaaah!

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