Friday, 4 March 2011

finally!!! ★☆New Blogskin☆★

Finished the new banner and background! Worked my arse off on it since last night and had been changing it now and again. So it's finally done and dusted. This is the one I'm gonna stick with (for now anyway ^^"). And I hope you guys like it!
Some of you may know the pictures on the background from

Below is the previous layout I had for the blog.

Ok, I was searching for some street cool pics and I stumbled upon TokyoFashion and oh my god, that website is like paradise . I wanna share some of my favourites!!!
These two up here are the ones I chose for my banner. 
punx! he reminds me a bit of the young Johnny Rotten...
so cute! >.<
adowable :3 and they're a highschool couple on top of that xD

hothot *_*
I just love these guys ^^
I think I've put almost all the pics they posted in there hahaah. But yeah, it's fun to watch these pretty pictures. I'm not much of a dresser upper but I really do love watching other people's styles :D lol. Anyway hope you've had some fun! byeya~

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dips said...

well done!!!!!!your blog looks amazing!!!!!!