Friday, 11 March 2011

This post of mine is more of a tribute to my parents.

There's no internet back at home for a while, so I have to post this tonight; a day  earlier.

My mother has been a real inspiration to me, in terms of both morality and fashion; two of the biggest things, in my opinion, that a woman has to understand and live through with great consideration. I'm always ever so proud of her and sometimes find it really amazing how hard she works to achieve her dreams and goals. Like almost every other Nepali child, I've received several spankings from my mother as a kid ;P followed by some messages of wisdom. And now that I've grown older, I've come to understand that all those lectures were worth listening to and they have made me what I am today and I'm very content with the way I am right now. She was a really over-protective mum (still is) but then again, whose isn't eh? Although she's solid iron outside, she's a real softy at heart. It's funny cause some people are really afraid of her and it's quite amusing to watch their expressions xD I'm so mean lol. I've never come across anyone as kind and giving as my mum. I seriously couldn't have asked for a better role model. I love her so much ^^

I rummaged through some old pics of her as a teen and before marriage. 
I like the whole Brady bunch thing going on hahaah, they look cool though :)
You know how your parents tell you that when they were kids, they did this and that... yeah those may be true but sometimes, they might have exaggerated a bit -_- We never questioned about their fun days, well I didn't anyway, until now...but then again, one would have took quite an effort just for a picture during those days. I asked my mum  about it but she blanked me -_-
Yeah, my mother doesn't seem to be carrying her pitches to fetch some water here now does she -_- mummy ¬_¬
And I can't believe that out of all her pictures, this one here below of her with the glasses made my dad fall for her -_- I suppose he was into geeks, or maybe glasses were cool back then, I don't know.
 Now we're time travelling into the late 80's. After my parents got married.

This one below's my favourite pic of her
So, now, about my dad. Yeah, I still call him daddy ¬.¬ ahem. He's the complete opposite of my mum. She's the loud one and my father's the quiet one hahaah. He seriously never ever lay a finger against me and my brother, and he treats me like an older son. While my mum was managing our manners, my dad was always thinking of these new ideas for fun. BUT, only if we did good in studies hahaah. I remember when we were kids, before our exams, he was sooo into teaching us that he made his own version of question papers for both me and my brother... so basically it felt like giving two big exams in a semester. He's a cool dad. Although he still gets upset when my grades fall down (see, this is where my mum is understanding), he still gives me high 5s for trying (sometimes high 2s cus he was a 70's teen). And I found him even cooler when I saw these pics of him hahaah xD
pink tee, so bold xD
Yeah, he doesn't have much pictures of when he was young cause he said he was busy collecting Sridevi's
Back in Nepal
 Man, history really does repeat itself. Look at those John Lennon glasses. I want 'em right now so bad, to make my round face even rounder :D
  Mother, father; me and Ujju love you two very much.
Happy 25th anniversary ya two lovebirds teehee xD


dips said...

aunty and uncle look so sweet together......

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures :) spotted my mum and dad LOL, moon xx

Sαrαh said...

hahaah yes bada's bow tie rocks!

Anonymous said...

your father is a looker! :)