Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A Glitzy Day!

So Teej's coming, and my mum took us out for some sari and jewellery shopping at Southall. And me and my aunt declared ourselves partially blind for the rest of the day. We were just walking and then we entered this sari shop and you feel like " Omegod me eyes!!! (>_<) " So many colours and sequins everywhere! And then you get used to it for a while as you go browsing from one shop to another, and everytime you come out to normal sunlight you feel all dizzy until your retina in the eye gets adjusted to the lightning... yeah... Anyway, here are some pics I took. I don't have flash in my phone :(

Oh yeah this one's a cool one. Made entirely of gold. I imagined myself wearing this lol. I would have made a fat Cleopatra...

✿✿ UPDATED!!! ✿✿

Pics from the Teej party:
Beauty Queens: Krisi and Sophie
with Sophie

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