Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fans May Cry?...

Omygod, omygod, omygod! The new Devil May Cry trailer's out!!!! It was shocking though, the change they made in Dante in HUGE! Whatever happened to his silver-white hair??? I mean there is a streak of white but my first impression on it was a big nono. They turned him from a badass tank hitdevil into a skinny pretty boy with a mainstream hairdo?? Although, he still has that badass attitude, or maybe more badasser....hmm the way he holds the cigarette.... anyway many fans may not like this all of a sudden shocking big change on the main character, but then I watched the trailer again and again and I'm slowly getting to like it, cus if you look at it without focusing too much on the tight trousers, the game looks pretty sick. The graphics and Dante's new moves look awsome, but man.... his sword, more like that Renji guy's from Bleach. This is what happens if you change gaming companies -_- or put some hair on the protagonist in Infamous 2. But ahh still, what the heck , I'm gonna buy the dam game, for the love of Dante! At least he looks like a bishie. I'll just pretend he's the younger version.

Here's how he looks now:

And how he used to look (the game has 4 parts until now) :
Devil May Cry

DMC *3
*reminded me of Detroit Metal City, hahaah that anime is funny. ramdom-ness ftw.

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