Thursday, 30 September 2010

**A Girl's views on a Guy's shopping spree**

Yesterday was the first time me and DB went shopping together for his clothes. We usually shop together for groceries, games and computer parts (-_-) and the only outfit shopping we've done has always been for me, so yesterday was a very special day indeed :D I thought of picking clothes for him but ended up being really surprised because all the items he picked were the ones I liked!!! Ahh great minds think so alike heheeh. Anyway, first we headed to Topman for a coat. He tried on a few (it is true that handsome men look good in anything!) and finally picked a navy blue duffle one. I want one of those too!

Then to New Look for a pair of suede shoes. A girl started dancing all of a sudden when they played Lovefool by The Cardigans, and he joined her...yeah... not a good move
Jeans form Uniqlo
 and a crossover bag (comparing my little one to his)
Then we got hungry and stopped at Leicester Square for some fajitas  at Chiquito. They serve really awesome ones, and in real big proportions too O_O I couldn't take any pictures cus it was too dark inside for my camera to work. No flash -_-
Then off to Soho to drink some cuppa tea at my favourite tea shop, Yumchaa, yaay ^_^ On our way there, the annual Moon festival decoration was already set up in Chinatown.
At Yumchaa:
DB got himself a Chai Red and I got me a Regents Park.mmmmm...
It started raining pretty heavily after a while, so we called it a day. And an awsome one at that!! Unlike me, who would browse around until I find something nice (or on sale), DB already had a list made in his head. So the shopping was pretty easy. But I myself have never went on a shopping spree like that! And although he insists it was his first time spending that much on clothes, I still don't believe him -_- cus he shopped like a pro. But to be honest, I enjoyed shopping for him more than I ever did for myself. So weird...

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see...guys shoppin aint that bad afterall...