Sunday, 6 February 2011

Back home

I've been sighing (in admiration) a lot lately while travelling via tube. And that's because Javier Bardem's picture's all over the stations.
Now, Dipa thinks Mr. Penolope Cruz looks Nepalese and DB said he looks like a beast but I think he's biutiful :)
So I came home for the weekend and got a little surprise from my aunt. So pretty :3 This is my 4th pair of ear accessories now. 
Got dolled up for an interview.
Dress is from GAP, trench coat is Mum's, shoes from Clarks and bag's by Marc B


dips said...

u look so pretty SARAH!!!! as always,, proper professional,,,,i wud have given u passport for any country if i was the one interviewing...LOL....
P.S. mr. cruz does look like nepalese version of rajesh hamal...^^,,shame I still havent come across any movies in stations..

Sαrαh said...

hahaah dipa ati k. n i like rajesh hamal too lol. well he's the only charismatic nepalese actor in my opinion anyway. see u tomorrow!