Thursday, 17 February 2011

★Dorama Fever★

I watched a thai drama :D

Freaking awesome! Watched it for the 2nd time now and I still like it a lot :D so i think it's worth sharing. This thai drama (released in 2008) aka lakorn as it's called there (like we call 'em dharabahik and so on), is sooo darn twisted that it's so darn good. (Like a hindi serial with eastern asian actors. Some of them look Nepalese too lol) I wanted to tell the summary in a fun way so I made these charts to explain the plot :D I know it's really sad but I actually liked making them hahaah. Such a hardcore fan. Anyway, this is the plot of 
Jam Loey Rak or Defendant of Love.
Yeah, I know the story doesn't seem complicated enough but once you check out the love triangles... man... I made a chart for that too xD Spoiler Alert! Sorry, I don't know how to make a hiding section for this, but I believe one would get more enticed into watching it after seeing this:
Now that's complicated.

And the main dude in this drama's like the guy from coffee prince. Not personality wise, but in a way that you think they don't look good at all in the beginning, yet somehow you end up liking them a lot...well I did anyway. Aum and Aff are such a cute as well as a hot couple. And like in most dramas, the guy's rich. So if you love dramas, do give this one a try :)
And oh yeah, recently watched Crazy Little Thing called Love
I don't know if you guys have watched it or not, but it's a really cute Thai movie, also worth sharing. Will definitely bring back good memories from your school, specially if you studied back in Nepal ^^  Recommended to me and my roomie by her friend Sushma. And now we recommend it to you! Watch the trailer>>>
I know what you're thinking. The guy's super cute right? hahaah. And if you're really into school themed movies, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (What's up with love?) is also a good movie. It's from Indonesia and is in my good movies list. Watched it with my cousin ages ago back in Nepal.
You can find both movies on youtube. Thanks to those who uploaded and the friends who recommended :)

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