Monday, 30 August 2010

Sophie's B'day ♔ and Nepali Mela ☮

Got a Hello Kitty perfume for Sophiya's 15th with some helium balloons. Bought Mimi di the Love version of Harajuku Lovers. I did take pictures of the family momo party but seems like Sophie deleted them all ... BUT I do have the Nepali Mela pics to cover up for that :D Was awsome fun, way better than last year's. This time they had a separate youth stadium, so it was good :D We had this rally, where each group formed from a particular place or organisation in the UK wore traditional nepalese clothes. Me and Krisi wore Bakhus, lil bro dressed up in a Newari attire and Salil wore a Terai one.
Some more pictures
After the rally was over, we headed off for the live concert. Met Krija di. She looked soo cute in her skirt and cardigan. Too adorable, love her style.
Stole the pic above from Krisi's facebook :D so proud. Look at my yakuza smile, rofl
Oh yeah, and I noticed a lady with this really cute Harajuku free style dressup, like the ones from FRUITS magazine and I had to take a picture! 
Saw my cousin Akoon in her green sari. The two looking very pretty.
Then we met Reena di and Bishal bro, our backstage passes :D The band pictured below was friggin' awsome. Arghhhh sljad;ljasdfaj I forgot their name >_< but I think they competed in this year's battle of the bands
And after them, another band called Hades performed. I'm a greek myth freak and in my opinion, they sound just like their name. Opening number was a headbangin' hit. Awesome band.

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