Wednesday, 29 December 2010

✦✧Merry Christmas✧✦

I'm a little too late, but Merry Christmas guys! Been very busy in the festive season. Had families coming over and was a whole lot of fun, and of course the annual sale was a blast! I'll upload more info and pics about it on my next post, but for now please enjoy these lovely pics of my brother and cousins. They love to pose so I thought I might as well take pictures of them to put on the blog.
This is how Salil normally looks (left) and how he looks like with the help of a wig (right).  O_O Amazing isn't it? The wonders of wigs.
It was good to see some of my art work on Sophie's wall (and the glee dude too, I guess).
Oh and also, I recently discovered my mum's Rimmel nail polish collection. She's been collecting a few for a while now, and I gotta say I love 'em colours, especially the silver one!
From left to right: Coral Romance, Your Majesty, Tangerine Queen and Brights Green Grass
Although my favourite polish ever has to be this shade by Tesco.
I know it looks like one of those normal transparent varnishes but it's not!
The amazing thing about this polish is that it gives a real sweet pale pinkish shine under natural light. I have no idea what its name or code is. All I know about it is that I bought it for 15p last year. One of my friends noticed this polish on my nails and asked me where I do my manicure O.O How awesome is that?
Some winter warmers I bought last year. They are really warm indeed and I don't think I'll stop wearing them until they start getting some holes xD
1. Knitted woolen dress from Uniqlo
2. Hand Warmers from Primark
3. (very long) Knitted Scarf by H&M (I tied the ends together to turn it into a snood)
4. Snowjoggers by Rubber Duck (so warm)


dips........ said...

looks like you had a goood time......bhaiyas look very ALWAYS.....and so do you and your nails.....
p.s. sophies wall looks nyce.

Anonymous said...

hahah the 1st picture looks like as if it's the front cover of a personalized greeting card. lolz