Sunday, 19 December 2010

Let it snow ☃

It's snowing~ yes again, but this time it was very heavy compared to the last few days. I'm back home for the winter holidays, so waking up to a beautiful snowfall was a wonderful delight.
Looks like SoIukhumbu there doesn't it? Unlike at uni.
 I was surprised to find this funny pair of cups in the kitchen cupboard. My mum bought it for herself and my father. I loled so hard hahaah xD Cute, very cute.
So the past weekend, we went to Brick Lane again, cus Sunday's a more fun day to visit there. There was a ukulele band performing called D'Ukes. They were pretty awesome cus they played The Bucket by Kings of Leon, one of my and DB's favourite songs. And they had distortion and everything which was cool to listen to. Then we went to Rokit, my fav vintage shop in BL
Then we saw this dude as a one-man-band. Reminded me of the young Lenny Kravitz. He was singing mostly crust punk tho.
We bought some sweets, yay! There's a whole line of sweet shops in Brick Lane, which is also referred to as Banglatown. But I don't recommend the pedas there, a bit milkier than the ones we have at Nepal.
Since then, I was busy preparing for my end of term test and practicals. And oh yeah, there's a pretty big number of Korean students here so my friend was pretty psyched to point out this coffee drink of Bing Bang(?) at the student village shop.
Anyway, happy holidays guys!


DB said...

well i thought it was a kaju barfi, well pera and barfi are not same i suppose.. -_-..

anyway, looking good huh,...

i meant the blog.. ^^.. and u too..

D'Ukes said...

Glad you liked D'Ukes Ukulele Band - you can see more at
Our next London gig is at the Kings Head Theatre on Upper Street Islington on Sunday 23 January @ 10pm - see


Sαrαh said...

ohmygod! D'Ukes :O Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so sorry I missed you guys' gig at Jan! And thanks for the link, will use it to check your upcoming shows! :D