Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Nepali Mela

Hey guys, I've been waiting for my boya to send me some pics for this particular post, but he still hasn't done that yet (-_-) so I'm gonna just share whatever pics I have at the moment and probably upload the other ones later.

This year's Nepali Mela was just as fun as last year's. The only thing that killed it a bit was the rainy weather. I like rain, but not on days of parades. But here are the pics so enjoy!

 Our Nepalese Society's rally was based on Teej :)

The open concert

This hot guy I saw who kept hiding his face
Also, I met a friend of mine; wayyy back from when I was ~12 years old! It was great meeting her again and she looked sooo cutee! Just as she did back when we were in middle school!
I her hairstyle!!!


lokopoko said...

sorry.. ^^" i ll send it to u as soon as possible.. hehehe..
nice post though. and liked what u did with the gif.. thnx for that..

Sαrαh said...

my pleasure pokche :D