Thursday, 27 December 2012

Visit to the Diamond Synchrotron

I recently had the fabulous opportunity to go to the Diamond Light Source at Didcot, courtesy of my master's mentor and supervisor. Although I'm researching on pneumoniae at the mo, both of them who are experts on X-ray crystallography, were really kind to let me experience this amazing time at the synchrotron facility and I absolutely loved each and every second I spent there!

 The pic below shows the electron storage area.
 X-ray hutch. Of course, you have to go through health and safety rules and regulations, as well as tests, before and while you are on the site.

It felt like I was in a set of a movie ^^" Kinda gave a Bond vibe hahaah. 
Hopefully, I can go back again soon :D

Here's an ariel view of the synchrotron. The Diamond Light Source is the UK's national facility. They also hold public open days so if you're interested, do check out their website here

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