Sunday, 9 December 2012

Drawing Master Lee

Started off with pencil work.
 Then etched on top with a Stabilo Fineliner. Absolute beaut of a pen to work with.
 Decided to add some claws.
 Scales drawn and filled in.
 Shading with Tiger water colour pencils.
 And finally, after brushing with water.
End result in scan mode.

Very happy with the outcome :) Took me ~6 hours to finish. 
Also, as soon as I finished, I found out through Youtube that it was his birthday! One heck of an amazing coincidence! In my opinion, the man on the screen with the best bod. 


Artumoiya said...

ok sarah.. now m gonna stalk u via ur blog... itss daebakk... :)

Sara said...

Hahaah thank u xD