Tuesday, 1 November 2011

hotpot and weekend buys

DB was testing a Nikon 50mm prime lens and then I came in the way and started posing. This is how it turned out:

Super happy :DD

So I went home last weekend and the last last weekend as well and will be going next weekend too. Anywho, we had hotpot! It's so much fun to prepare and all the more fun to eat!

 It was good :d and yes my head looks huge in there =.=

I bought a lot of things from Primark for ridiculously cheap prices. The shirt was only £2.90, the super skinny jeans £9.  And this bracelet set was only a pound! The jewellery hanger is from Tiger.

Mum's shoes from Matalan
Silver cross necklace from BHS.

And some adhesive butterflies from Tiger ^^



Anonymous said...

OMG HOT POT!!!! I love hot pot ^__^ such good meal :P
and loving your accessories and shoes! the shoes i want :P so cute!!

J <3

Anonymous said...

also - loving the music in ur background ^__^

Sαrαh said...

oh thank you ^.^ ur too kind!

dongala (wanderer) said...

Mum's stuffs are always amazing..
great to come across ur blog.. :)
followed u!