Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Outfit #1

 One of  my all-time favourites; this pair of simple but ingenious shoes. I used to judge a guy's hotness based on his footwear. The ones wearing this particular piece of Vans were always on top of the radar.

 Glasses: Vera Wang,  Bracelet watch: DKNY, Shirt : dad's


Outfit #2

 Bag: Clarks, shirt: F&F at Tesco, Jeans: M&S, Shoes and cardigan: Primark



Sanna said...

hey there nice shoes and bag

Fanny said...

i like your glasses ^^

ItsReallyJenny said...

really cool fashion! the bag is lush and i love the bracelet watch!!

lhamo Mashutzo said...

i always avoid wearing my glass outdoor.
i feel it never really suits me or i don't have the confident..
but checking out ur this post made me confident enough to put them on..
i will be putting them on outdoor too..Yay..
follow each other?

Sαrαh said...

thank u all ^^
Ilhamo Mashutzo, thank u, i feel so moved T_T i was like that in the beginning! my glasses were always plain n simple before but eventually i pushed myself into picking bolder looking ones, n now i try co-ordinating them with my clothes. also buying 2 or more styles of glasses helps me to change my look every now n then :D