Tuesday, 9 November 2010

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Right, I'm at uni using my laptop and am gonna update this blog. Let's dooo this.

Got the November Elle magazine featuring style goddess Alexa Chung, and yes I bought it because it came with a free Clinique lip gloss, cus I'm cheap and I don't wanna pay £12.50 for something I can get free on a £3.70 mag. And I can wear it while I read it, twice the fun.
And I was flipping through the pages tralalalalalala and OHMYGOD!!! What the flamingo!!! Ugg and Jimmy Choo?...JIMMY CHOO and UGG??? It gave that excitement that made me say to myself "Yes! A different kind of UGG" and at the same time your hopes gets crushed, and you say "No!! Dammit I can never afford it " Is it bad or is it good, I don't know... I'll leave that for you guys to decide. And yeah, I don't know why a lot of guys don't like UGG boots, but Jason Segel looked nice in them :)
I went home about 2 weeks ago and bought my parents this from Tesco. Yeah, they liked it. A lot.Who doesn't like Baileys', right?
Saw this beautiful Jack Union pillow but too darn expensive: £20 at Debenhams
Spotted a Sanu Maya doll at Camden!! You know, the one from Moomin, of course you know!

Mum, me and baby brother

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