Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A very Rock 'n' Roll Birthday

Our first ever visit to a Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate DB's 24th!
Here are the pics, starting from our tour at the Vault!

It was an A-mazing experience, not only for the birthday boy, but for all of us. Firstly, because we got the chance to see all this magnificent rock memorabilia and were actually allowed to take pictures with! Secondly, because this was the first time that any of us had to wait so long to eat! 2 and a half hours! But, me and DB personally thought it was definitely worth a place going to, especially for him since he is such a huge rock and roller at heart. 

All pics by DB.
Check out his Photography and Food albums.


dongala (wanderer) said...

Happy 24th bithday to the boy (:


super photos! ♥♥♥♥ *-*


Sara said...

He says thanks :)

Sara said...

thank u :)