Saturday, 14 January 2012


Hey ya'all, blinged my cell phone :D

Too much? :B The cracks on the mobile were very depressing to look at and I fully blame myself for dropping such a lovely phone T_T So I took the new year as an excuse to reborn this baby. My mum loved it. She's been looking at and touching my phone ever since I finished decorating it. On the other hand, my aunt doesn't like it at all! She said she gets goosebumps just by looking at it xD

I bought the stickers from the 99p store; about 2 packets and you can find them either on the art & craft's section or at the party deco department. Spent around an hour doing this and I'm pretty happy with the result :D It was really fun unleashing the hime-gyaru within me XD

Westfield at's always packed with people but I only just found out an area there that's similar to the Village at White City. It's outside; separated from high street shops and even has an ice bar. I'll try taking pictures of that side the next time I go there.

And yes, as always, I have to get into TOPSHOP. Even when I don't have anything to buy from there. I don't know just feels like the place to go to...

The outfit's completely opposite to the handphone...

We went to this Thai chain-restaurant called Busaba Eathai. The food is really good and authentic. Love the way they cook their chicken there. The price range is similar to that of TGIF's and the service + atmosphere is also pretty good.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. Till then, Swadika! Oh wait, that means hello... ciao~


lhantse said...

love your leather jacket. And those food just looks delish.

Anonymous said...

okay, everything you have psted is amaze

Phone is super cute
your jacket/outfit is hot
and the food is NOM NOM!!! seriously mouth is salivating :P hahaha!!

Cool pics too ~

Sαrαh said...

thank u Lhantse and Jenny :D