Saturday, 10 December 2011

Meeting Preetha with Deadmau5

My dear Preetha's in London for a visit! Just when we were planning to meet up, she found out that Deadmau5 was going to perform at Millbank Tower. Such great fun that night was. Although we missed it a bit at the beginning, it felt like Deadmau5 himself was welcoming her XD

With Swasti and Preetha at Mr. Wu. Or was it Little Wu... can't remeber. So many Wu restaurants at Chinatown!
I got to meet up with cutie Swasti for the first time and our old pal, Zubin, after a pretty long time.

Ahhh~ I miss the good old days at school. There was nothing else to worry about back then except for coming up with ideas to have fun with friends and well, studying hahaah. They don't say student life's the best for nothing.

 Here's a video of the live show we saw :)

Pics courtsey of Preetha and her brother.

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Loveforfood said...

meeting up with old friends- so nice.
ya i miss those old days too.. nothing but study.. (i hate school). heee..hee...